Getting owner/guardian of the puppy status in Bordomax  kennel
You have to call to kennel visiting appointment .
recommendation ( that is advantage but not condition )
when you come to visit kennel you'll have interview with
kennel owners.
If you are responsible person, have lots of love and want
to shareit with our puppies you are our next buyer and you
can reserve your dog.
Is some exceptional cases , if buyer lives far away , dog
can be reserved by phone and paying deposit but
Final decision is made after interview and our evaluation.

Working at this way resulted in the satisfied buyers and their
families , mentally and physically healthy dogs , long term
friendshyp between us and our buyers long life of our dogs.

If your objectives are not the some our... we are sorry
but you can't buy dog at our kennel.

Suzana & Zdravko Špehar