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Dogue de Bordeaux & French bulldog

Welcome to family Špehar's kennel, BordoMax. During all this years of breeding experience in our home were born lots of Dogue de Bordeaux and French bulldog babbies. That moment when puppy come to life is one of the most beautifull moments of breeding. Our babies and mother are under all day and night supervision from mr.Zdravko Špehar, kennel owner. He is also providing life time support to all owners of our babies. We never forgot our babies and they are always welcome in our home..also like all other dog lovers. Our dogs makes happier lots of homes in Croatia and all over the world. That is the best reward for all of our efford

We decided to share with you all of our great experience by starting first web site in south east Europe about Dogue de Bordeaux at 1996. This redesigned, third editon, of our site is extended by one more breed, French bulldog. They are really special, on their own way. 
This site is here for you and we hope that your visit will be usefull and enjoyable.

Suzana & Zdravko Špehar

Your dog doesn't know that you are evil or jelaous or greedy. He encourages you to be good and when you listen to him, he loves you.

Sir James Walpole






Getting owner/guardian of the puppy status in Bordomax  kennel
You have to call to kennel visiting appointment .
recommendation ( that is advantage but not condition )
when you come to visit kennel you'll have interview with
kennel owners.
If you are responsible person, have lots of love and want
to shareit with our puppies you are our next buyer and you
can reserve your dog.
Is some exceptional cases , if buyer lives far away , dog
can be reserved by phone and paying deposit but
Final decision is made after interview and our evaluation.

Working at this way resulted in the satisfied buyers and their
families , mentally and physically healthy dogs , long term
friendshyp between us and our buyers long life of our dogs.

If your objectives are not the some our... we are sorry
but you can't buy dog at our kennel.

Suzana & Zdravko Špehar